Driving Through the Adult World

A peek into Alex's life with all its mundanity and introspection.

CookTiger's Kitchen

A gallery of CodeTiger's 5 years of cooking and baking. A walk down memory lane and a snapshot of CodeTiger's culinary dreams and aspirations while he slowly grows as a baker, cook, and person.

Recount of a Tempestuous Weekend

A recount of Alex's tempestuous weekend, one filled with far too much suspense and despondency but fortunately fine in the end. In it, Alex also updates on the state of his life following the recent events.

In Search of Lost Harmony

An essay about Alex reflecting his recent life's loss of balance. It delves into ideas of Romanticism, Transcendentalism, and Positive Nihilism, and how they are applicable to refinding harmony.

Best Friday Night!

A recount of Alex's best Friday Night. Listen to his rant about why Boston's public transport system really sucks, how delicious taro milk tea is, and how much he loves the musical Hadestown~

Life Updates & Coffee Reviews

A quick life update of Alex, detailing how his life has been lately. Accompanied by reviews of various coffees after Alex is forced to go to Peet's due to Starbucks' closure.

Twerking Bees: From Enemies to Stripping

This blog post is kinda random lol. Just a casual story about Alex and his archenemy, the bees, and how with enough bribes, he was able to make them twerk.

Recollecting the past miserable week and Moving On

This blog post is just Alex venting about his miserable past week, but ends on a slightly lighter note as he attempts to recover from a week worth of misery.

Self Improvement Week Challenge!

From 10/3/2021 to 10/9/2021, Alex will attempt the “Self Improvement Week” challenge. It is a week of purging all of my bad habits and entering a new, healthy, and exciting routine.

Alex's rants: Why LHS Club System Sucks

The first blog of the "Alex's rants" series. Read as you feel CodeTiger's bitterness and anguish seep through his scathing review of LHS' club system. In it, he explores the questions "What does an advisor do anyway?" and "So what are clubs for again?"

Midnight Thoughts - Procrastination

An introspective emotional journey as Alex slowly squanders his time away. Tick ... tock ... tick ... tock ... it's almost midnight.