About Me

Alex Fan

Welcome to my blog (≧ ∇ ≦)/ ! I am Alex Fan, or you might know me as CodeTiger.
I am currently a student at Lexington High School, class of 2023. You may be interested in some of my projects or blogs. Or if you are genuinely curious about who I am, look below to learn about my experience.


I am a competitive programmer who attends contests like USACO, CodeForces, and DMOJ. I also occassionally take part in research projects. In my free time, I dabble a bit in Artificial Intelligence and Web Dev (like this blog :p). Math is also part of my life, especially competitive math contests like AMC, AIME, USAJMO. Outside of all these STEM stuff, I really love Theatre(thespian foreverrrrr), baking, and gardening.

Past Coding Journey

I started programming since elementary school. I was trying to start a Minecraft server, and I noticed that the starter file was written in batch(or also known as bat/command line/cmd/dos). Having no prior experience, I was immediately intrigued and started learning. It was a simple yet beautiful script. While the grammar may seem basic/primitive, it's still incredibly powerful and can accomplish most tasks. I also met most of my early programming friends through bat, so it really has a special place in my heart ♥: the script that unlocked the world of programming for me. However, at the end of the day, It was a dying language, so I started learning some of the more mainstream languages. The first was JavaScript, which I learned while watching an AI series from my favorite youtube channel, the Coding Train :D. I then got interested in minecraft mod-making, prompting me to learn Java, the first "actual language". Along the way, I dabbled a bit in webdev languages(php&nodejs), python, and C# for various reasons. Finally, I started doing competitive programming, and picked up C++, the language I use most today.

Blog Log

May 7th, 2021: Renovated the website to make it more relevant/accessible.
Dec 8th, 2017: Used Raspberry PI and started hosting this blog!


Email: codetiger927@gmail.com
Discord: CodeTiger#1869
Github: CodeTiger927
CodeForces: codetiger927