About Me

Alex Fan

Welcome to my blog (≧ ∇ ≦)/ ! I am Alex Fan, or you might know me as CodeTiger.
I am currently a student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), class of 2027, and was previously from Lexington High School, class of 2023. You may be interested in some of my projects or blogs. Or if you are genuinely curious about who I am, look below to learn about my experience.


I am a competitive programmer who attends contests like USACO, CodeForces, and DMOJ. I also occassionally take part in research projects. In my free time, I dabble a bit in Artificial Intelligence and Web Dev (like this blog :p). Math is also part of my life, especially competitive math contests like AMC, AIME, USAJMO. Outside of all these STEM stuff, I really love Theatre(thespian foreverrrrr), baking, and gardening.

Past Coding Journey

I started programming in elementary school. I was trying to create a Minecraft server and noticed that the starter file was written in batch (also known as bat/command line/cmd/dos). Having no prior experience, I was intrigued by the peculiar keywords and characters, and thus began my journey of learning CS. It was a simple yet beautiful script. While the grammar may seem basic/primitive, it's still incredibly powerful and can accomplish most tasks. I also met many of my early programming friends through bat, so it really has a special place in my heart ♥: the script that unlocked the world of programming. However, at the end of the day, it was a dying language. Subsequently, I started learning more mainstream languages. The first was JavaScript, which I learned while watching an AI series from my favorite youtube channel, the Coding Train :D. I then got interested in minecraft mod-making, prompting me to learn Java, the first "actual language." Along the way, I dabbled a bit in webdev (php & nodejs), python, and C# for various reasons. Finally, I started doing competitive programming and picked up C++, the language I use most today.

Blog Log

August 24th, 2021: Beautified the projects page and made it more interactive.
May 7th, 2021: Renovated the website to make it more relevant/accessible.
Dec 8th, 2017: Used Raspberry PI and started hosting this blog!


Email: [email protected]
Discord: CodeTiger#1869
Github: CodeTiger927
CodeForces: codetiger927