Frequently Asked Questions

How should I interpret the numbers?

There are two metrics offered by USACO Rating: difficulty and quality. Difficulty is a number between 800 - 3500, which roughly (or at least aims to) corresponds with CodeForce's rating system. Quality is on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being super high quality, and 1 being very uninteresting. It is relatively more subjective, but can act as a nice tool to select good problems, as well as avoid bad ones.

How are the numbers calculated?

We use a democratic voting system where users are allowed to give their estimates on the difficulty, as well as opinions on the problem quality. Note that only verified users who we deem qualified can vote, so there should be minimal trolling, ensuring a (hopefully) accurate estimate.

I want to help contribute! How?

You can help contribute in many ways. The most common way is to apply for a verified account and voice your opinions on these problems. You can also directly help improve the project by creating a pull request on our GitHub page. More information can be found on the Contribute page.

I have a suggestion/question/found a bug.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated! You can do so by creating a new issue on our GitHub issues page. We will review them as fast as possible.

Why does this website look similar to Kenkoooo's Atcoder Problems?

Haha. Yes, we indeed greatly copied referenced many of Atcoder Problem's styles. They are under the MIT License, so in the spirit of Open Source, we also use MIT License :D. So yeah, shout-out to Kenkoooo!

Can I use the code from this project for other purposes?

Definitely. Under the MIT License, you can reuse the code for any purpose, sometimes even if they are part of proprietary softwares.

Who made this project?

CodeTiger was the creator of this project. You can learn more about him on the About page.