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Hello. I am an active Competitive-Programmer who has been doing USACO since 7th grade. You can find more about me on my personal website. The reason I created this project was because there currently isn't a concrete system for evaluating USACO problem difficulties. I remember when I first started USACO, I had no idea what to train on. Especially as I reach higher divisions, problems on the same contest can be vastly different in terms of difficulties. Some were in my range, some were too hard, and some were too easy. Furthermore, since I did not know the difficulties beforehand, I often waste a high-quality problem that isn't in my reach by reading the editorial. Therefore I hope this project serves as a remedy for that issue. By quantifying the difficulties and qualities, people can much easily train on problems that fit for them.


Email: codetiger927@gmail.com
Discord: CodeTiger#1869
Github: CodeTiger927
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