Contribute to our Project

Identify bugs/give suggestions

Create an issue on our GitHub issues page. We appreciate any form of feedback/suggestions.

Directly improve our code

This is an open-source project, therefore you can directly help us by creating pull requests and improve the code to make it faster/eliminate bugs! This is again on our GitHub page.

Vote on the USACO problems

Love that enthusiasm! However, we are slightly strict on who are "qualified" to vote, as we want to maintain maximum quality. Since this project estimates difficulties in terms of CodeForce rating, we do require voters to be experienced at CF.

If you have a rating of 1900+, you are definitely qualified by our standards! If you don't but feel like you are qualified, you can still apply. Note that you don't necessarily need 1900+ if you intend to vote on lower divisions. For example, a 1500 for silver might suffice given the right circumstances. We manually review each application, so there is leniency and other factors (such as CF solve count). In either case, fill out the Google Form below (if the form doesn't work, click here), and we will message you the invitation links through CodeForces. Alternatively you can directly contact me from the About page.