Sign Language Recognizer Project

This project's goal is to better help sensory impaired people to better communicate with other peope by translating sign language into common language.

Genetics Algorithm Project TriangleOnly

This is a project that basically uses some amount of triangles(say 100) with different shape, position, and color, to match a certain target picture(for example, mona lisa).

DeepThinkJS JS Machine Learning Library!

This is the English version of my DeepThinkJS library. This is basically a machine learning JS library that allows you to implement AI algorithm really easily and quickly.

DeepThinkJS JS机器学习library!

我的第一个Library! 通过6个月的不停Debug和改进终于写好了最基本的基础!这是一个JS机器学习算法Library,还在初级阶段,不过终于成功啦!如果你想参加的话可以联系我哦(联系方式在文章里面)!开心~