Get Started!

To get started with the CF Stonks Market, follow the following instructions to register your account and start trading!

  1. Temporarily change your first name to "StonksCF-verify" in your CodeForces social tab at
  2. Register your CF Stonks account at our Register tab
  3. Login your account at our Login tab
  4. Good luck, Have fun, and start trading!
Here are some tips on the game mechanics to aid you in the process :D

About the Author



Hello. I am an active Competitive-Programmer who has been doing USACO since 7th grade. You can find more about me on my personal website. This project is greatly inspired by the USACO server nimbus bot, built by NotDeGhost and idea by Caoash. Don't take things here too seriously, this is really just a fun game to spice up the CodeForces experience. If you have any suggestions/want to contribute to this project too, open an issue/pull request on GitHub HERE. I will try to get them to ASAP :D.


Discord: CodeTiger#1869
Github: CodeTiger927
CodeForces: codetiger927