Exchange Blog Links

If you haven't noticed yet, the F in the navigation bar are the Friendlinks. So if you have a personal website, contact me and we can exchange!

Benefits of exchanging blog links: When a search engine crawls onto my site, it will follow the backlinks and go to your website too. The converse is also true, so both of us will become more noted and it's a win-win :D.

Furthermore it will encourage our blog readers to view other blogs, which just strengthens the community, so there really is no downside

Here are some simple requirements that your website should meet for us to exchange links:
1. Your content is legal and not sketchy (I feel like this is reasonable right lol).
2. It is a personal blog/website, and not a for-profit company website or something (it shouldnt be an advertisement)

That's really it xd, I think they are pretty reasonable.
To contact me, go to my HomePage and scroll to the bottom for my contact methods and we can discuss further :D<