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CookTiger's Kitchen

“You wanna know what's inside? I could tell you if I wasn't hiding / My whole life is in here / In this kitchen, baking / What a mess I'm making” – 《Waitress the Musical》 by Sara Bareilles

Quick Prelude (click me or scroll down to directly skip to the project's gallery): Okay the context of the quote is a bit more depressing than the vibe this project aims to attain 👀, but every time I bake, I simply CANNOT STOP singing "✨Sugar Butter Flour✨~" from Waitress. And in a more uplifting way, baking (along with cooking) is indeed an inseparable part of my life :D.

The thought of creating a medley of all my Cooking & Baking first emerged when I became involved in a very weird sharing contest of food with a friend. As I gradually combed through my phone album, I became increasingly surprised by the number of different dishes I have endeavoured in the past. But perhaps more impactfully, I saw the progression of how my culinary skills has matured and how far I've come since 7th grade, a time when I was afraid to even turn on the stoves. So I decided to reorganize them in a nicer format and created this gallery to preserve a snapshot of my culinary aspirations 🔥. Hope you enjoy ;)